Business Central 18/19/20/21/22

The next major release version of Business Central was officially released in mid-April 2021 - under the name "BC2021 Wave1", this ERP solution has been expanded and now includes many more features relating to company-related process flows.
Version 21 has been available since October 2022 and version "22" since April 2023.

Due to the speed with which Business Central updates are now being released, the documents shown here are written in a "flowing" manner. This means that I started with version 18 and "end" with the last book in this series at version 22.

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Fit for Business Central (BC2021) V18 59€
248 Pages
Marketing (BC2021) V18 79€
374 Pages
Purchasing (BC2021) V18/19 89€
378 Pages
Assembly/Production (BC2021) V19 89€
367 Pages
Sales (BC2021) V19/20 89€
546 Pages
Warehouse & logistics processes (BC2021) V20/21 95€
580 Pages
First steps in financial management (BC2021) V21 95€
612 Pages
Service (BC2021) V22 89€
425 Pages
First steps in asset accounting (BC2021) V22 69€
234 Pages
Resources & insight into projects (BC2021) V22 69€
263 Pages


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