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Our Workshops


  • Our standard workshops can be combined as required.
  • Each workshop is designed to be practical and user-centred.
  • Each participant receives the necessary documents - if the workshop takes place at our premises, all-round care is also guaranteed.

Each training session can be carried out in both German and English.

You also have the choice between:

  • Workshops at your premises
  • Workshops with us in Dortmund
  • Individual training with us in Dortmund

Standard Workshops

Individual topics, combinable with each other.

Power Workshops

Packages for internalising larger topics.

Special Workshops

Communication, customer care, all the way to company management.

Workshops and events on site


Do you need support with your processes? Are you looking for help on how to map certain processes with the NAV standard?

Or are you looking for contacts who can help you with the realisation of various projects?

Then you've come to the right place! We would be happy to clarify everything with you in a personal meeting.


Intended for end customers as well as partner colleagues who need temporary and short-term support with NAV.

You can choose between individual lessons and packages of 10, 20 or 30 lessons. Support is provided by email, telephone, TeamViewer or, on request, on site.

We will be happy to send you prices and more information on request.

Our Library

Specialist Literature

Whether for beginners or professionals, Dynamics NAV and Business Central - there is something for everyone here.

SPOTSi Smart: Your Magazine

In this special library you will find our free magazines, which always focus on different topics.



Many years ago, we developed our own certification together with a Microsoft Dynamics partner.

You can choose between "Business Central Consultant Level 1 (Junior)" and "Level 2 (Senior)".

The exams consist of a theoretical and a practical part (with some real scenarios).

A "get-ready workshop" can be booked beforehand on request.

The aim of this certification is to determine the knowledge of the individual participants.


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