Standard Workshops


Duration: 1 Day

  • Insight and overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Overview - I am introducing Business Central - how is the project structured?
  • Interesting facts about possible "add-ons"
  • Familiarisation with the user interfaces, menu structures, "tools" such as "filter", "search", etc.
  • Financial accounting is everything - without financial accounting everything is nothing? Insight and overview of the "heart" of Business Central
    • Contexts
    • Item principle
    • What is "booking"? The booking routine and its "effects"

Procurement with Business Central

Duration: 2 Days

  • Insight and overview on the topic of "procurement"
  • Master data - the "A" & "O" - (vendor & article) incl. pricing and discount determination
  • Practical processes including planning tools such as the order and planning proposal
    • From creating an article to procurement
  • Purchasing process - from the order to the invoice
  • Dealing with complaints and returns
  • Call-off quotas
  • Assembly: stock and order-related
  • Production: Introduction and overview including simple examples
  • Practising practical processes

Sales with Business Central

Duration: 2 Days

  • Insight and overview of all aspects of sales
  • Stammdatenpflege (Artikel & Debitor) inkl. Preis- und Rabattpflege
  • Master data maintenance (article & customer) incl. price and discount maintenance
  • Practical sales processes - from quotation to invoice / collective invoice
  • Blanket orders/call-offs in sales
  • Dealing with complaints and credit notes
  • Export business
  • Drop shipment (direct delivery) and the famous "boss order"
  • Information on INCOTERMS(R) and INTRASTAT
  • Insight into the topic of "sales planning"
  • Practising practical processes

Warehouse & logistics processes with Business Central

Duration: 2 Days

  • Insight into and overview of warehousing and logistics, including familiarisation with possible warehouse structures
  • Establishment of both module areas
  • Storage locations and bins
  • Articles & inventory data
  • Practical examples and processes with a wide variety of storage constellations
  • Internal processes in the warehouse
    • Various book sheets
    • Stock transfers
    • Inventory
  • Serial and batch numbers (with and without expiry date)
  • Practising practical processes
  • As a special "highlight", etiscan Identifikationssysteme GmbH will be presenting its mobile solutions and giving you the opportunity to "actively" try out the options in test environments.

Marketing with Business Central

Duration: 1 Day

  • Familiarisation with "customer relationship management" in and with Business Central
  • Setting up the module
  • Contacts and their maintenance
  • Task management within Business Central
  • Activity and document management
    • Serial letters/mailings and more
  • Profiles & contact classification
  • Profile & Kontaktklassifizierung
  • Sales opportunities
  • Practising practical processes

Service with Business Central

Duration: 1,5 Days

  • Insight and overview of the topic "Service" with Business Central
  • Setting up the module
  • Service article vs. article / master data maintenance
  • Rental equipment
    Resources & service incl. set-up
  • Service processes - for example in relation to repairs and maintenance - including for third-party devices
    • Service offers, orders, work slips
    • Consumption postings and billing in the service area
  • Service contracts
  • Practical examples from a wide range of industries
  • Practising different processes

All about financial management with Business Central

This workshop is organised in collaboration with Olaf Zoschke from ZW-eck GbR.
Please contact us with your wishes and questions so that we can make you a concrete offer.


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