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My name is Sonja Klimke. In addition to my services for individuals and companies, part of my heart beats for children and young people.

I have been teaching children and young people for many years and still do. Among other things, I co-founded the "Bushikan Panda" in the Herner Verein Bushikan e.V. and led it for many years.

In an age of ever faster advancing technology and the increase in "internet traffic", the youngest among us in particular are exposed to a constant flood of information.
In addition, there are increasing demands on young people in terms of training and studying.

Furthermore, parents, guardians and teachers are constantly confronted with new tasks and situations.

With "SPOTS-BSS for schools", I launched a special project a long time ago that offers various programmes for pupils, parents, guardians and teachers.

Are you looking for something special? Get in touch - I will be happy to put together an offer for you!

For children and young people aged 6 and over

For teenagers aged 16 and over

For parents, guardians and teachers

For children and young people aged 6 and over

Self-assertion for children aged between 6 and 8

When the fearful Caroline becomes the brave Caroline.

A special course programme for children to boost their self-confidence and reduce their fears.

This day is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. In addition to various discussion rounds in which we talk to the children about topics such as "respect", "discipline" and rules of behaviour, there is also a large active part.
Through play, the children learn about self-assertion and gain a little insight into self-defence.

I'LL BEAT YOU UP! Cyberbullying and the consequences ( aged 9+)

Article 1, paragraph 1 - Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany:


Bullying is a major problem for many pupils, parents/guardians and teachers. Especially since the technical possibilities of today's everyday life mean that almost no option is left out.
Whether it's social networking, filming "beating scenes" or terrorising via phone calls - there's nothing that doesn't exist. The consequences for those affected are devastating: from eating disorders, anxiety/psychosis to acts of despair such as rampages and suicide - nothing is impossible.
With the help of this workshop, we at SPOTS would like to make a small contribution to raising awareness and, above all, to recognising and preventing such attacks.

This workshop is intended for children and young people aged 9 and over and includes information on the topic of the Internet, as well as points such as "escalation"/"de-escalation" and a role-play on the topic of "cyberbullying".

This programme is always specially adapted to the age group of the children and young people.

BitsKids - computer course for children aged 8 and over

Many schools have now purchased tablets and PCs and offer pupils a first insight into the world of computers. To round off this offer and give everyone even more practice in the "real" world, we offer "BitsKids", a special course for children aged 8 and over who want to know "more".

In this workshop, the children get to know the different worlds within "Office", learn about "Using the Internet" and gain a small insight into programming.

For teenagers aged 16 and over


A special project day for pupils in year 10 and above who would like to gain an insight into and overview of the professions of application developer, systems engineer, IT manager and project worker.

The centrepiece of this special project day will be getting to know an ERP solution: Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV. An advanced solution that serves as the basis for business management in many companies, especially medium-sized ones.

Microsoft partners are further developing this special solution for specific sectors - and offer young people a very wide range of training occupations.

The ADA project - only for girls aged 16 and over!

What is the "Ada" project?
Augusta Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace (born 18 December 1815, died 27 November 1852) was the first woman in the world to whom we owe the fact that we can programme at all. The programming language "Ada" and the "Lovelace Medal" were named after her.
So what could be more fitting for our project than to honour this extraordinary woman in this way?

This special workshop day is aimed at all girls and young women who are interested in a career in the IT/ERP sector.

In addition to an introduction and overview of today's professional world, the girls receive training in a business solution and learn how to use this software in practical examples.

For parents, guardians and teachers

NETWORLDS or "When the net becomes a trap"

For parents, guardians and teachers

Today, the Internet is THE platform par excellence - whether it's a knowledge database, buying and selling opportunities or the use of various portals, forums and so-called "chat platforms".

But do you always know where your children are online? Many parents/guardians are unsure when it comes to the topic of "online safety".

SPOTS offers a special information workshop on this topic to help you better assess the Internet as such.

The aim: more safety for everyone! Because you can only judge what you know - and ensure protection.

Stay "up to date"!

Various offers summarised here... for educators and teachers! Detailed information is available on request.

The aim of these programmes is to offer you a somewhat different kind of further education that is completely independent of other "school-based" programmes.

The following topics are available:

  • IT worlds are changing - so must we!
  • "Net trap" - the right way to deal with pupils who practise "cyberbullying" as a hobby
  • HELP - my class is completely freaking out! Assertiveness course - how can you protect yourself? Both "mentally" and "physically"?


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