Power Workshops

Business Central for STARTER

Duration: 4 Days (maximum)

  • Day 1: Basics
  • Day 2: all about procurement management - first insights and overviews including basics
  • Day 3: Sales & Marketing - first insight and overview of both modules incl. basics
  • Day 4: Warehouse & Logistics - initial insight and overview of both modules including basics
  • Practical and user-related examples and exercises are already "built in" here
  • On the last day there is a "knowledge quiz" for all participants (also called "learning objective check")

Business Central "Extended"

Duration: at least 2 days per area

This workshop is specially designed for Business Central (NAV) users who have already been working with it for some time - and can now deepen their knowledge in certain areas.

The choice is yours:

  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Procurement management
  • Sales
  • Warehouse & logistics processes

Business Central for managing directors

Duration: 1 day (minimum)

This special workshop is aimed at managing directors/IT decision-makers who are now faced with the decision of introducing a new ERP system or replacing an old version of NAV. This is not about sales-related topics - instead, you will receive an insight and overview from a different perspective.

I always customise this workshop so that as many questions as possible can be answered - to make your decision-making process easier!

  • Insight and overview of Business Central - including history & future
  • Current status - what are you using now?
  • Introduction and overview of BC- familiarisation with the various options that you already have with the standard
    can cover.
  • Windows vs. web client
  • How is your team "on"? Change management with a difference
  • Clarification of questions

Business Central for apprentices/trainees & students

Duration: 4+1 Days

  • Like "Business Central for STARTER"
  • 1 day "Business etiquette" for trainees


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